‘Early Days’ Pelvic Floor/Core Work Here are 2 simple exercises you can do even while lying down.

‘Early Days’ Pelvic Floor/Core Work

Here are 2 simple exercises you can do even while lying down.

Exercise 1: Reconnect to the Front and Rear Pelvic Floor Separately

After a vaginal birth and even after C-Section, your front Pelvic Floor muscles, those supporting the Vagina/Uterus and Urethra/Bladder are usually more traumatized than your rear Pelvic Floor muscles supporting your Anus/Rectum. It’s human nature to work to our strengths and this is usually highly evident when women come to train their pelvic floor muscles, usually the rear muscles are stronger and most women think they are successful at their exercise routine by being able to contract and lift their rear muscles, not noticing that they haven’t really connected and managed to contract and lift at the front. To make sure you don’t make this error…

The Front & Rear Pelvic Floor Muscles

Simply separate your re-connection work for your front and back muscles…try this

Cueing for front muscles: Imagine you need to stop the flow of urine, create tension in these muscles and perform a ‘lift and squeeze’ up inside your vagina.

Cueing for the rear muscles: Imagine you need to avoid passing gas in a crowed lift, create tension in anus and draw the muscles tight up into your back passage.

Practice connecting with your front and rear Pelvic Floor muscles separately in this way whenever you have a quiet moment (at least 3 times a day). You should not feel pain performing this exercise. If you do, please seek advice from your health care provider.

Exercise 2: Begin a simple ‘Core Reconnection Strategy’ to help switch on all the components of the core ie., Pelvic Floor, Diaphragm, Abdominal Muscles and Low Back Muscles…..

Simply, breathe in and feel your ribs and tummy expand and maybe/hopefully your Pelvic Floor loosen too…then
breathe out and gently pull your belly button towards your spine and, at the same time, lift and tighten your Pelvic Floor muscles.

As you do this, you should also feel the muscles and tissue in the lower back contract and tighten too.

Spend a few minutes a day performing this exercise. It’s also really calming and helps to reconnect you to the true function of the core musculature.

The benefit of this exercise is to re-educate your whole core and get the individual components ‘talking’ to each other again. This is vital for good function, reducing backpain and reducing any post birth incontinence you might be experiencing.

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