Who are the classes suitable for? Any Mum can join us for Buggy Burn as long as your child is happy to stay in their buggy for the time that you are exercising. You can even join us if you child is at pre-school or school, classes are open to all mums. All classes are suitable for mums once they have had their check up with their doctor and run in six week blocks during the term time.

Buggy Burn – Your baby/toddler must stay in their buggies whilst you exercise, securely strapped in. Due to insurance reasons, you are not allowed to exercise whilst holding your baby or whilst your baby is in a baby sling etc. The classes are relaxed and informal, if you need to stop and feed/change your baby at any time you can, but you must leave the exercise area to do this.

Will classes be cancelled due to bad weather? Classes will run except in extreme weather conditions e.g. ice/snow and advance notice of any cancellations will be given via the Facebook group.

New Mums and Babes class – Babies can stay in their buggies/car seats or they can play in the play area. The classes are relaxed and informal, if you need to stop and feed/change/settle your baby then that is absolutely fine.

What if my baby doesn’t settle in the class? All babies cry and everybody is in the same boat! The classes are relaxed and informal, if you need to attend to your baby that is fine. Try arriving early to the class and feed your baby just before the class starts.  You know your baby best, so even if you have to stop exercising for a while to settle them, feed or change them, that’s absolutely fine.

I have recently had a baby, when can I start exercising? Natural births: wait 6 weeks / C-Sections: wait 8-12 weeks. Your Doctor should give you the go ahead for this. Ask them to perform a “rec-check” on your abdominals to see if your abdominals have re-aligned correctly. If you’re at any risk of injury, I will test/assess this for you and offer plenty of alternative exercises so as to avoid discomfort and injury, so don’t worry.

What should I wear? A good support/sports bra, trainers and comfortable clothes. Don’t feel you have to go out and buy a new pair of trainers/clothes for the workout, as long as you’re comfortable and the trainers and bra give you the support you need, they should be fine. For Buggy Burn classes make sure you have lots of layers, hat, gloves if it is cold, waterproof coat incase it rains and suncream, sunglasses and sunhat if it is warm and sunny. Remember to do the same for your child!

Are baby changing facilities available? There aren’t designated baby changing facilities at the Hall, but there’s plenty of floor space should you need to need to change a nappy.  Please take soiled nappies away with you as the Hall doesn’t have sanitary disposal facilities. There are baby changing facilities at the Park in the visitor centre – you can ask at the desk for the key.

Is there an upper age limit for babies? Currently, there is no upper age limit for babies attending classes. You will be the best judge of this.

Terms and Conditions 

What if my baby or I am poorly and I miss a class? Please advise me if you are going to miss a class due to illness. If you would like to come to another class in the next course you can book it with me in advance by email.

What if I want a refund? No problem, just go to your Doctor to get proof that you’ve been injured or ill for at least 2 weeks and you will receive a full refund.

Places are allocated on a first come first served basis – limited to 10 per class.

Places on the course are not guaranteed until full payment is received

A Health Questionnaire must be filled in and returned prior to the start date

Please complete the Get Back To Exercise Form asap and return it to me, I will then contact you to book you in for your initial consultation and to give you your bespoke home workout programme, (if applicable)

My friend will be there at the New Mum and Babes classes to keep an eye on the babies at the back of the room as we exercise, but she is not there to take care of your baby. She will make sure they are all safe and she will try and distract them a little bit so that you can focus on your exercise as much as possible, but please see to your baby if s/he needs attention.

All babies must stay at the back of the room in the designated area during the New Mum and Babes class whilst we are exercising for insurance reasons. If your baby is a crawler, I have a travel cot for them to be placed in, or your baby can stay strapped into their pushchair or car seat, they should not be on the mat area, this is for the non-crawling babies.


Please consult your Doctor or Healthcare Professional before following any exercise or nutritional advice. You should always warm up before beginning any workout and you should never exercise beyond the level at which you feel comfortable. If at any time you are exercising beyond your current fitness abilities or feel discomfort, you should discontinue exercising. Not all exercise is suitable for everyone and any exercise programme may result in injury. Any user of the exercise programme assumes the risk of injury from performing the exercises shown. In no way will the author be held responsible for any injuries or problems that may occur due to the use of this programme or the advice contained within. The author disclaims any liabilities or loss in connection with the exercise and nutritional advice contained herein. The information provided should not act as a replacement for the relationship you have with your Doctor or Healthcare Professional. Any information provided is not medical advice and should not be substituted for regular consultation with your Doctor or Healthcare Professional. The information contained on this website is for information purposes only. If you have any concerns about your health, you should contact your Doctor or Healthcare Professional before following any of the recommendations set out in this document.